Monday, February 20, 2006

suenos de aguadilla

that's supposed to be me lying in that hammock.

i was supposed to fly to puerto rico this past weekend for alejandro's wedding. but my flight out of burbank got delayed, and made me miss my connection to aguadilla. because this was a busy weekend (valentine's day, president's day) and because many people had to rearrange their flights from the record-setting snowstorm that previous week, all flights were booked solid through tuesday. no flights = no puerto rico for harry. i was literally all packed and waiting for ben to come take me to the airport.

cracked open a bottle of jack daniels and made this apology song. i picture myself like a bird, flying through the air as this song plays, landing on the beach right next to jandro and joanna as they exchange vows. whatever. sucks to be me.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

bird stealing bread

i was pissed when i heard iron & wine's version of "such great heights" because it sounds exactly like MY version. so for revenge, i made this "cover" of postal service doing iron & wine. (just kidding about the revenge part. i love iron & wine).